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Selling or buying real estate is often a large financial transaction that is very time consuming and tedious. The complex laws governing real estate transactions and the property markets fluctuation makes the buying and selling process difficult. The complexity of the industry, the high cost of the transaction and laws make it essential to hire a legal professional to handle the Real Estate transaction. A real estate law office can help with the transaction and provide a guide through the process of buying and selling real estate.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer?

There are a number of complicated legal processes involved in real estate transactions. Engaging in Real Estate transactions without sufficient knowledge of the local real estate laws can be overwhelming and lead to errors. A good real estate legal service can help ensure the transaction is legal, and the investment is secure. Our team here at Real Estate Lawyers Surrey knows the common pitfalls and the types of property transactions and processes required.

Real Estate Lawyer Services

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Owning a property is a large decision, and the transaction is costly and time-consuming. There are a number of things to consider while buying or selling a residential property. For example, what type of a home are you looking for? Is the property ownership leasehold or freehold? Have you thought about the home or mortgage insurance, title encumbrances, property principal, zoning restrictions, and mortgage?

Some property sales require a mandatory property inspection. There are also a number of tax implications involved with property transactions such as property transfer tax, GST & property taxation. There are also numerous things that can go wrong during a sale or purchase of real estate. It is important to understand how you will handle ambiguities and/or omissions in the sale or purchase contract.

Residential property transactions are often complex and are different during every transaction. We help our clients by minimizing the stress and liability/risk by guiding you through the process of selling or buying residential real estate.

A professional real estate law agency can represent and advise the residential transaction, including residential or condominium purchases and sales, new home construction, refinancing, mortgage financing, and leased land transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

With commercial Real Estate the purchases, sales or rental of industrial properties, office buildings, resorts, hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and other commercial premises often require the expertise of a professional real estate lawyer. A real estate lawyer can help with the transaction, providing a safeguard for the investment. Real estate lawyers leverage their experience and resources to provide a timely and proper real estate transaction.

Real Estate Law Services

Whether you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property, our team will take a hands-on approach to protect your interest and ensure the real estate transaction is seamless. We are committed to providing industry-leading customer service, honesty, and integrity, and we deliver our clients a peace of mind. Raj lawyers are engage in Real Estate Law services such as:

  • Residential Buying & Selling
  • Mortgages
  • Land Transfers
  • Refinancing
  • Leases

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